CISS installation for Epson WF 3620 cartridges

continuous ink supply system (CISS) installation for Epson WF-3620

Please NOTE:  First you must install the original cartridges which come with the printer before using the CISS.

 All new CISS chip-set comes with the battery!

Please Note:

    1. Make sure the chipset is not coming out of the black chip-set frame and after putting the cartridges inside the printer, give the four of them a good push at the same time downwards (never push them one by one). 
    2. To reset the cartridges there is no need to take the cartridges out.
    3. There is no need to use air filters on top of ink tanks since with MIR-AUS continuous ink supply systems you receive a hard plastic cover for each ink tank.

Warning: never update the printer firmware

Update Video 25/03/2018


Use "T" tube holder instant of a long brig 



t holder









 Warning : 
raise the external tank higher than your printer (even temporarily)!


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