Procedure for refillable Epson Stylus Pro 4880 Kit filling


8 off (10 ml) empty syringes - colour coded

8 off plastic adapter bushes

8 off plastic Filters

8 off Needle assemblies (not necessary used initially)

8 off 300 ml refillable cartridges (supplied empty)

Prepare small syringes by fitting adapters with (small serrated ends outwards) and have on hand.

1. Remove Colored silicon Plugs from the Cartridges.

2. Insert a small funnel (not supplied) into the large (Ink) port

3. Slowly pour fresh ink into this funnel (say 250 ml of ink initially).

4. Replace Pink Silicon Plug into the large port only – small air bleed is not sealed.

5. Insert the filter (large end) into the small air bleed hole of Cartridge – you should hear it click into place.

6. Depress the ink outlet port valve  (at the end of the large refillable reservoir) with the serrated end of the correct color syringe to bleed out air and prime.

When the Filled cartridge is re-installed into printer, the printer will recognize that it is not an original unit and you will have to acknowledge that you accept responsibility to be able to print.

Note that the printer will not show any ink levels on the display panel.

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