Replace and Upgrade MIR-AUS CISS Robust V.4

Replace and Upgrade MIR-AUS CISS Robust V.4 


MIR-AUS CISS ink tanks have a unique interlocking mechanism (like pieces of a jig-saw puzzle) allowing you to detach them from one another easily. This feature reduces your costs if you'll need to repair or upgrade your CISS.

A) Spare parts: If you happen to damage any of the ink tanks, all you'll need to do is to replace the single tank with a new one. Spare tanks can be obtained from our website at a fraction of the cost of a CISS.

B) Upgrading: Often people upgrade their printers. For instance, if your old printer had four colors and the new one has six, you can upgrade your existing CISS by ordering two spare tanks and changing the pipe system from four lines to six. We can prepare the pipes and ship them to you ready for installation. You may need new cartridges if your new printer uses a different cartridge type. Though these changes mean more expenditure, they will be considerably less than the cost of purchasing a new CISS.

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