How to clean the Epson desktop printer head Workforce, XP, Artisan Series, etc,..


- When using the cleaning liquid, only use 3-4ml per treatment 

- Make sure your printer is not connected to a wall power outlet! (Working with liquids may damage internal systems if the printer is generating heat)

- When using the cleaner please avoid any spillage of the liquid into other areas of the printer

- When using the syringe, be very cautious of the pressure you apply. If too much pressure is applied the washer component can be damaged.


Do not head clean the printer head more than 3 times, Print the testing tools after use the cleaner liquid would be the best option.

Useful video:



The best way to remove the blockage from the printer head is after using head cleaner, Next step is to run 5-10 times test tools page by choosing the "hight quality" option in your printer. 

  CISS Installation   instructionsPRINTER TESTING TOOLS 

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