Printer Testing Tools

Printer test

MIR-AUS Printer Testing Tools

Please do not head clean it more than 2 times.


Fix the ink quality with CISS and refillable cartridges!



  1. printer testing tools Download the pdf file and save it.
  2. Print the pdf file 4-6 times on the best photo quality option of your printer.
  3. Select the Matte or Glossy paper (NO need to use the matte or glossy, just select this option).
  4. You need to repeat this step if you have ink quality problem. 
  5. If you have a problem with one colour, you need to print A4 paper of each colour, (same step 1 & 2 required)
  6. printer testing toolsBlack  
  7.  printer testing toolsCyan 
  8. printer testing toolsMagenta 
  9. printer testing toolsYellow
  10. In the end please check the Print Head Nozzles
  11. If still, printer head is Blocked, you have to use head cleaner liquid.


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