Can the cartridges that come with the printer be refilled, or would I need to get different cartridges that I could refill myself?

No you have to get refillable cartridge for more information please see link bellow:


link bellow shows the installation method:


If I have to get refillable cartridges, how much would they cost?

price is $114.40  incl. GST and shipping fee  for prefilled refillable cartridges.



What is the cost of the black and colour inks?

Black and colour inks cost 9$ for 100ml bottle if you want the price of bigger bottles please see link bellow:


I’m in Melbourne, do you have a supplier here where I could go and get this, or does it need to be ordered online?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any supplier in Victoria but all online orders will be dispatched in the same day if you

place the order before 5 pm, and will be delivered the next working day for metropolitan area  and roughly 2 days for remote area.



I’ve heard of some sort of internal counter that when a certain number of pages is reached, that the printer will not operate anymore, but that this counter can somehow be reset, do you know anything about this?

Yes all the printers have got a counter. There is no reset software for the brother printers now. But still it worth to get the brother printer due to its low price and good functions.

and also brother is the easiest printer to use the refillable cartridges, because the cartridges are, stationary , hold 100ml ink(6 times more than original cartridges) ,

and they don’t have any chip-set which is very good when you compare it with  Epson ,Hp or Canon. 



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