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How to use Reset Button on CISS CIS Continuous Ink Supply System


Reset cartridges

There are chips on the end of each cartridge which have a 'memory' of how much ink you have used. Printers also have a 'memory' of your usage. These memory systems assume you've run out of ink when you have consumed a certain amount. They don't realise that you have a large external tank feeding your cartridges. So after some time, you'll get a message on your PC screen telling you to replace your cartridges. Check your ink level in the external tanks. Most likely there will still be a ink in these tanks. If this is the case, you'll need to reset the chips using the little White/Black reset button on the cartridge. Simply press and hold the white reset button on the cartridge for 3-4 seconds. when cartridges are in the change position. 


Please NOTE: If your printer has door sensor, which you cover it with a plug or cardboard, first you have to remove the plug/cardboard because printer confuses how come customer change the cartridges when door still is closed. After you hold the reset button for 3-5 second, cover the door sensor again and press "OK"


Please see video below:

Please Note: May be the shape of the tank is/are different(s).


 Warning : 
raise the external tank higher than your printer (even temporarily)!




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