CISS Installation For Epson WF 7520 and 7510

CISS Installation for Epson WF-7520 and WF-7510.

1-Remove the cartridges lid first as shown in the picture below.

2-Insert the CISS cartridges and push them firmly to break the seal of the bottom of the cartridges


3-Stick the tubing holders as shown in the photos and adjust the tubing length

stick the tubing holders

4-Place the external tank on the CISS Box for WF-7520 

place the external tank on the ciss box

5-Tilt the tanks to the side of the bigger plug and put it straight again and remove the small plug

air balance

open the air vents

6-Put the rubber plug in the lid sensor hole.

put the rubber plug in the lid sensore hole

7-Run one head cleaning and get a nozzle check

 Warning : 
raise the external tank higher than your printer (even temporarily)!


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