How to Re-Prime the Epson XP 600-700-800-850-950 CISS cartridges


In order to reprime (refill) the internal 273/277 cartridges please follow the instruction below:


1- Tighten the roller clamp

2-Remove the cartridges and put the orange caps back on

3-Remove the clear silicon plug from top of the cartridge

4-Put the syringe(without needle) into the top hole of the cartridge

5- hold the cartridge upside down (the orange caps should face to up)

6- loosen the roller clamp and open the external tanks small plug(if they are closed)

7-pull the plunger of the syringe out until you remove all the air from the cartridge

8-tighten the roller clamp and pull the syringe out of the hole

9-put the clear silicon plug back to the hole

10-put the ink of the syringe back to the external tanks or ink bottles

11-Repeat the procedure for other colours if needed


  Warning : 
rise the external tank higher than your printer (even temporarily)!



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