How to Re-prime(refill) the internal Epson CISS cartridges.

If your printer does not print properly and you have vertical lines and head cleaning does not solve the problem maybe the internal cartridges are not full of ink you can follow the five steps below:


1-Remove the CISS cartridges.

2-Remove the small plugs of the internal cartridges one by one, and have a look at inside it if they are not full of ink go to the step 3.
3-Remove the external tanks big plug and hold it higher(about 50-70 cm) then you see ink flow to the cartridge.when the cartridge is full of ink, place the external tank back on the table and put both tanks big plug and the cartridge plug back in.
4-Insert the CISS cartridges to the printer and push them firmly into the position.
5-Run a couple of head cleaning and get a nozzle check.

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