have a problem where the black ink cartridge is not being recognised properly.

Q: "Hi, I recently purchased a ciss system for a brother printer, I have a problem where the black ink cartridge is not being recognized properly.

When I insert the cartridge the printer detects it and asks to close the door,
once I close the door it then says it cannot detect the cartridge and to reinsert, when I do this, it then says "did you change" the cartridge, I select yes then it displays "cannot print, the printer does not have enough ink". I tried swapping back the chip to the original black cartridge and leaving the color ciss ones in the machine and it works fine, its only the black one that has the issue.

 Could you please tell me how to resolve this issue?




Old Brother printers don't have any chip-set and ink level indicator inside the cartridges, the printer checks the level of the ink from the end of the cartridges.

On the other hand, new Brother printers have light sensor & chip-set.

Some times the printer can not find the ink level inside the cartridges. To fix this problem please cover the end of the cartridges with black electrical tape as shown in the photo below, by doing this each time when your printer tries to check the level of the ink inside the cartridges, the printer will find the cartridges are full. 

Please Note: This method has a risk, it is when the cartridges are empty and then  your printer will still think that the cartridges are full. You have to check inside your cartridge every time before you re-install the cartridges.






- Make sure the chips are compatible with your printer model and firmware version.

- Make sure the chips are clean and well stuck in the cartridges in the correct position, as if they are a bit moved the printer does not detect.

- Remove the cartridge and shake a bit to accommodate the internal float up and reinstall.

- Install the black small pieces (or apply duct tape) at the end of the cartridges into the printer, where they float so that the float is on top and do not move (see images below).


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